July 21, 2015

Life Lately: A Wet Weekend Recap

Last week I mentioned that we were heading up to L.A. for the gift market over the weekend. We were lucky enough to be able to stay with Dan's parents who live about 20 minutes from downtown, and they graciously welcomed all five of us (yep, all three furry boys came with!) into their home for a few nights, which is no small feat. 

The California Gift Show ended up being a great first "market" experience for us. It covered two exhibit hall floors in the convention center and we were able to make a few laps around the booths, talk to a couple of sellers, and place orders in just a few hours. My hope is to eventually be able to attend the bigger shows like in Las Vegas and New York but this show made the most sense for us right now, mostly because Idon'tknowwhatI'mdoing of limited resources. Dan was an amazing wingman, talking me into a few items and out of a few others. While I certainly think there is a place for giant fluorescent cat lawn ornaments, it's probably not going to be at Habitation Co. 

Overall, the show was a success. I found a handful of new artists and great brands to add to our growing inventory, and it was a fun, fairly inexpensive learning experience and I got to hand out business cards like it was my job, which is nice, since it...is. Craziness. Pinch me?

In the evening, we went to dinner with Dan's folks and walked around our hometown mall that looks nothing like the beige-ish concrete maze of my childhood, which is actually a good thing, since I now prefer to spend all of my money on fancy candles from Anthropologie instead of glitter-jeans from WetSeal. 

On Saturday morning, we headed to San Pedro to tour the USS IOWA battleship that is stationed/docked in the harbor. Can I just give some serious props to #science and #physics because how-on-earth-do-those-things-float? But really, seeing a frickin battleship in person is breathtaking. We also got to see the Harpoon Missile which my granddad worked on during his aerospace career. The ship is in the process of being restored but it's essentially a huge time capsule and totally worth a visit if you are in the area.

After touring the battleship, we headed over to a new artist co-op called Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles which is only open on the weekends. The space itself is gorgeous and has some fun decor touches like the cute hot-air balloons hanging from the ceiling and the "photo booth" wall where I got to show off my signature school-photo smile (the secret is in the dead-eyes and slight over-bite). I was surprised that there weren't more artists or shops, and several of them were "closed" so it may have just been an off-day, but I'm excited to see the city embracing and supporting independent artists. Dan found an awesome vintage book on South Africa that I'm kicking myself now for not buying, but we'll just have to make another trip back soon. 

When we got back to the house it was pouring rain (can I get an Amen, California?!) so we had to strategically load all of the pets back into the car for the drive back to San Clemente. Of course, it decided to stop raining approximately 30 seconds after we were all in the car and fully soaked, but our car smelled so good after that hour and a half in traffic. 

Sunday was another rainy day and all the plants were like #hallelujahemoji!  The only downside to random tropical rainstorms in July is the crazy humidity and our lack of air conditioning (as exhibited on our thermostat at 10:21am) so when the sun came out for a few hours, we walked down to the beach for soggy, though oddly reflective ice cream cones. 

Just as we reached the end of the pier, aka the farthest possible point from shelter, the sky broke open again and gave us a nice shower, with our clothes, and shoes, and mascara on. By the time we got back to "land" we were so soaked that we decided to just go ahead and hike the three (uphill) blocks home. We must have been quite the sight because several people offered their commentary and applause from their dry porches... which is like, almost as nice as them offering for us to stand on their dry porches. Regardless, we were thoroughly drenched and highly motivated (by red wine) to get home. It stopped raining approximately 30 seconds after we reached our front door. 

Thumbs up, weekend! It was a good one, hope yours was too!


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