July 13, 2015

Here's to Harvesting Happiness

It's been about a week and a half since I shared my new business deets and I am still absolutely overwhelmed by the incredible outpour of love and support I've received from every corner of my life. Without realizing it, I had been keeping details about my process and story behind my latest venture wrapped up tight, in little knots of insecurity and fear, and I finally panicked that I would never be able to start telling anyone about it and therefore never have a business and it would all come crashing down before it ever even came into existence. (Deep breath). Not only did I not know how to tell this story, but I feared that if I did, I would sound like a crazy fool and everyone would roll their eyes and tell me their own version of why I was bound to fail. I was so preoccupied with wanting every detail to be perfect, and every possible scenario sorted, that I was paralyzing my own creative process. After a few nights of broken sleep, I decided this was no way for a responsible adult to behave and knew I needed to just sit down and write something.

The irony is that for the past few years, I have been practically obsessed with hearing other people's stories, spending my free time pouring through entrepreneurial blog posts, podcasts, interviews, and how-to's for juicy details of how other creative folks started their businesses and overcame initial fears and doubt. I was looking for clues for the "perfect time" to start a business, or start telling a story, or start investing in an idea. I was literally harvesting the internet for low-hanging fruit, looking for easy answers to my complicated questions, safe validation and some instant gratification. Like texting my friend a photo of me trying on these insane wide-leg overalls in a Nordstrom Rack dressing room so that I wouldn't have to open the door and be "that girl who thought she could get away with wearing overalls, because who does she think she is, and this is not 1996". 

For the record, my friend's exact response was "YES!!! Those are bonkers cute. Do it." So I did, and since then, I've worn them quite a few times, including to my neighbor's house for craft-time and to the bank to open a business account because they're my power-overalls. They probably look a little ridiculous and are mostly impractical but no one ever told a good story that started with someone not doing something a little ridiculous and mostly impractical. 

So here's to overalls, and new business, and trying out something new, and telling your story, not waiting for the world to give you permission to do what you are really here for. No one is waiting for us to fail or fall flat on our faces, there is no invisible standard that we are all supposed to reach at some indistinct moment in our lives. When we let people in to our story, when we save someone a seat at our table, they tend to show up. We all like to "like" the things that are important to other people. We rejoice in each other's joy (weddings! babies! jobs! houses!) and grieve each other's grief (death. loss. pain. brokenness.), we can't help it. It's our human-ness and our greatest gift that we have been given in life on this earth. Don't waste it by burying it and hiding it away for safe-keeping. 

Trust people and give credit where credit is due and maybe even where it isn't yet. Show up, do the work, invest in others and allow others to invest in you. Tell stories, plant seeds, and share your process. You never know who is willing help you with the harvest. Besides me of course... but I'll be the one in the bonkers overalls. 



  1. Yes, yes, yes! I've been dealing with the same types of fears, although mine don't revolve around a business but over our upcoming move. For some reason I felt like if I didn't talk about it or where we were going, nothing could potentially go wrong. But that's ridiculous!

    Congrats on your new business! Don't let the fears hold you back!

    1. Thanks Em! I totally get that feeling, like if we actually talk about things we could potentially jinx them. While I'm all for wanting it to be special, or waiting until a few details are confirmed, before sharing, I've realized all it does is isolate people. Things like moving, career changes, family stuff are amongst the top stress-inducers, we don't have to go it alone :) p.s. I just saw you're in Tustin, that's awesome! Are you going to miss Orange County?

  2. Congrats again!! Love the overalls :*


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