July 16, 2015

d.i.y. : Candle-Tin Succulent Garden

If you've ever been to my house, you probably already know about my obsession with candles. Perhaps because I live with four boys, three of whom have fur, I worry that our little house usually smells more like a barn than, say, a meadow of flowers. For a while I had trouble justifying these indulgent purchases and was hesitant to actually burn "fancy" candles because I didn't want to "waste" them, but once I realized that it was so much nicer to actually put them to use than let them sit on the counters collecting cat hair, I was able to simply enjoy them for what they were. 

Candles that are natural and made with high quality essential oils not only last longer but they don't release any funky chemicals or dirty smoke into the air when they burn. Here are a few of my go-to favorites: one, two, three, four.The only bummer is that once they are gone, I'm left with an empty jar or tin that I feel bad about simply throwing away. Too shallow and oddly-shaped to serve any real storage purpose, but hardy and pretty to look at, I realized that they could be perfectly repurposed as succulent containers. Here's how I turned my pile of discarded candle tins into a simple succulent garden for both indoors or outdoors. 

I had four empty containers in different sizes and I bought a variety of 3" succulents at a local flea market for $2.50 each.

I let the candle tins sit out in the sun for about half an hour and was able to simply pop out the leftover wax. Depending on the candle base, you may have to use a small spatula to scoop out the softened wax.

I added a small scoop of succulent-friendly soil to the bottom and formed it around the inside edges of the container before plopping the plants in. 

I sprinkled soil around the top edge to fill in the gaps, but decorative pebbles or rocks would work too.

Voila! In about 15 minutes I turned this stack of empty tins into a pretty succulent garden for our back patio table. 

Even though the weather has been pretty mild these past few months, I love how succulents just scream "hot summer days". Have you repurposed any everyday objects into a cute planter project? 

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Tonight we are driving up to L.A. for the gift show this weekend. It is my first time to market (to market!) and I am on the hunt for pretty things to add to the shop. Our first few shipments are on their way and it is starting to feel very "real". I seriously cannot wait for the shop to be "live" but the process of starting to gather beautiful things is so exciting, it feels like I'm planning a really fun surprise party for you all. I will be back next week with a market recap.

Happy Thursday!


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