May 18, 2015

my favorite staff meetings


With any new job there is always a bit of risk, especially when it comes to getting along well with your co-workers or staff. Being a stranger in a new city and starting a job as the store manager for a locally-owned and well-loved art supply shop was, in some ways, a dream come true and in others, one of the most challenging times in my life. The existing staff was fairly small and mostly made up of people who had been there for several years, and the business's non-corporate culture was very laid back, so there was a chance that an overly-caffeinated outsider swooping in with a shiny new agenda was not going to be welcomed with open arms. 

Thankfully there weren't too many bumps in the road and I became close with a few awesome girls that actually still want to hang out with me I am grateful to call friends! In just a few short years we've witnessed each other's weddings, new babies, graduations, surgeries, career changes, and more. Although we have almost all moved on from the little shop where we met, we still get together every now and then for a fun evening of cocktails and catching up. These are really the only staff meetings I think we are all a fan of. 

Recently, the girls came over for some India-inspired treats and we caught up on work, school, moving, art, travel, boys, and babies. We made sparkly gin spritzers, noshed on samosas, and each of the girls picked out a unique ink printing block that I bought on my trip (the rest will be going to my shop! details, soon). Despite our different ages, schedules, relationship statuses, and lifestyles, we chatted and laughed the evening away and grew even closer, just like usual. I am excited to see how these girls continue to grow and to keep up with them as our lives change in the coming months and years. Love you ladies, and I look forward to many more happy reunions in the future! 


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