May 05, 2015

d.i.y. : Portable Planter Project!

I mentioned that the first phase of our backyard makeover involved making the actual yard more functional for our pets, but the biggest ongoing challenge was finding a stable, yet portable (renter-friendly) way to separate the yard from the driveway. Although there is an old wooden fence that closes off the driveway from the street, it's not very sturdy, and the wide-slats don't do much to keep the cat from escaping or the dogs from barking at everything that walks by. Our temporary solution was to block off the driveway area with a barricade of trashcans, patio furniture, and wooden palettes that we had to climb over every day for the better part of the past year. Since our space is an awkward size and shape, we couldn't find an existing product that ticked all of the boxes, so we ultimately DIY-ed a simple, sturdy, and aesthetically-pleasing solution for keeping the dogs in the yard and out of trouble.

The planter boxes are 100% cedar, (we found ours on which is naturally bug-repellant and can handle moisture and heat. We attached locking casters ( to the bottom corners so we can easily move the planters to even out the sun-exposure and to access the driveway from the yard. We also secured overlapping 36" espalier trellis' to the back (pet-side) to keep the dogs from being able to jump over the them. Finally, we filled the base with soil and planted a ton of drought-tolerant, low maintenance succulents that should fill in nicely over the next few months. 

So far we, and all three of the four-leggeds, are super happy with how the planters turned out. This is an easy DIY project if you want to section off parts of your yard or patio, create privacy, or simply plant a portable, above-ground garden!

Happy home, happy homies. 



  1. I love this idea!! We're moving to a house with a decent sized yard, but it's still a rental, and I've been thinking of how I can start a garden without putting too much money into something that we won't be around for to appreciate forever. Definitely saving this idea!


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