April 22, 2015

Life Lately

Today's iphone photo-dump is brought to you by my latest chapter in life that I like to call "working from home, and by for myself, minus a paycheck, plus a whole lot of happiness." Since I haven't posted much about my everyday life in a while, I figured it was time for a little update. Basically, I left my job at the Art Supply shop at the end of February, just a few days before my trip, with the goal of committing myself full-time to building my own business that I am hoping to launch later this year. Without divulging too many juicy details just yet, this has been a dream of mine for over a decade, and I finally started putting the wheels in motion to make it a reality at the end of summer last year. The long-term plan is to have a brick-and-mortar shop, possibly here in San Clemente, but as such things require a whole lot of capital ($$$), I am hoping to start with something small and web-based that I can manage from home. While I have a pretty firm grasp on the general concept, design, and, to probably use a word incorrectly, "ethos" behind the business itself, I am still in the early stages of bringing it to life (read: living with a paralyzing fear of spending real money on something that is entirely my responsibility. Sure, I throw myself full-speed into building and consulting on other people's businesses and careers, but my own? Yikes. Pressure, dude. )

But anyway, despite me, the past few weeks of adjusting to my new "schedule" have been nothing short of rewarding and rejuvenating. They have been spent enjoying meals with people I love, refreshing the neglected spaces of our home, taking field trips to the new dog park, putting my feet in the ocean, creating in my studio, and apparently drinking plenty of cocktails. There's a big part of me that struggles with the guilt of feeling like I'm not "contributing" enough each day, mostly because of the whole no-paycheck-yet thing, but I am constantly being reminded that this was the best decision for me and my little family. When Dan works a 12-hour day and can come home to a clean house, warm meal, and happy pets, I feel full. I know that the work I am putting into my business now, on the front-end, is just as important as the days spent placing orders and cutting paychecks will be eventually. And people wiser and more experienced than me keep reminding me that these things, business-planning-things, always take more time than we expect them to. One day I will probably look back on these quieter days with longing and wonder why I was in such a rush to move on. When I start feeling overwhelmed and anxious I need to remind myself to stay present, breathe, and a pour a glass of wine, it'll all be just great.



  1. Love your brand new life filled with satisfaction, passion and home! You got this, sis. <3


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