June 17, 2014

life lately

We have been in our new home for just over a month, though I don't have much to show for it yet in terms of photos, unless we count the dozens of our pets... but we won't. We settled into our new space surprisingly quickly (major props to our friends and family and my obsessive-compulsive aversion to boxes) and aside from finishing up the backyard's dog-friendly facelift (yes!!) and organizing the studio space (yes!!) in the next few weeks, we are on track to a relaxing summer spent down at the beach. 

In fact, in between weekend trips to the hardware store, we have already managed to enjoy a few meals on the front patio, dinner and drinks on the pier, and late-night walks along the beach- even sneaking the pups down to the water for a split-second splash! Not to mention the spontaneous pizza-party and Cards Against Humanity game sesh with our local peeps this past Saturday night. 

Next month, some of our very best friends from our days in Colorado are coming to visit and we are counting down the minutes! I have a feeling this summer will be making us some of the best memories ever. Stay tuned for more photos... and ridiculously delayed posts.