April 23, 2014

When one door opens...

This morning I woke up with a smile on my face. And I could breathe. And I had finally stopped obsessing over all of the details surrounding an exciting, though somewhat stressful, life change.
We are moving (again)! Though this time just across the county. In a month, we'll call a little bungalow in San Clemente home. We are still in shock at the timing and how all of the details fell into place, God is seriously so good. Here's the long-short of it all: 

A few months ago I got a serious bug to start looking for a new place. While we've felt totally blessed to be in our current home, and even though we had another year left on our lease, we knew shortly after moving in that it wasn't going to be the best fit for us, long term. So almost every day for a month, I spent my lunch break driving up and down the narrow streets in San Clemente, on the lookout for hand-scrawled For Rent signs. I called on a few places I found online but coordinating with real estate agents and management companies is such a hassle.  A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to my boss that we were keeping our eyes out for a place in San Clemente if she happens to know of any and she mentioned that the old store manager had sold her home to her brother before moving and that they may be interested in renting it out. So we went to see the house, it was beyond perfect for us, and we knew we wanted it if we could just figure out a way to sublet our current place. 

The next day I come across a post from my cousin whom I hadn't actually spoken to in years (thanks social media!) asking if anyone knew of any places in our area that would be for rent within the next few months. I messaged her our address and without blinking she said they definitely wanted it- they knew the area well and have friends who live just a few blocks away. It's the right size, location, and price and the timing would work out perfectly with their current lease. So after a few weeks of balancing all of the details and making sure this was going to be the best fit for everyone, we signed all of the paperwork and I got the green-light to start getting rid of packing everything up.  

As is the case when anything works out as planned, or better, I am in complete shock at how smooth and somewhat simple this process has been. So many people, even near-strangers, have assured me that sometimes things just work out and it's OK, and I've slowly started to believe them. I know I shouldn't worry. I have seen God's faithfulness time and again. I have memorized the scriptures and trust in plans greater than my own. Yet I still have a hard time sharing my thoughts and feelings in-the-moment, so instead I hold my breath. And wait. 

And then, only when the paperwork is signed and checks are in the bank, I can breathe again.


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  1. i will be be praying for your journey.
    Thank you for sharing. I have been inpsired to share my journey with Huntington's disease.
    I would be honored if you would follow as I share my heart and story.



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