April 30, 2014

Until then...

Breakfast in bed... only on every day that ends in Y. 

This is what most mornings, for the past several months, have looked like in our household. If this was a time-lapse video you would see Dan reading our daily "devotional" book out loud, and later, me with the iPad, skimming news, Pinterest, and blog posts, at which point all three pets would be making their way onto the bed. We haven't set an alarm since the middle of winter yet we have set a record for not being late, anywhere really, in a pretty long time.  High-fives to our new personal best! 

It's completely, indulgently, luxuriously ridiculous. We know. The best part is that we roll our eyes and shake our heads at ourselves every day, giving side-eye glances that say "You do know this won't be our life forever, right?" This definitely wasn't our norm for the first five years of our marriage, and may not last too much longer as work commutes and schedules change, and soon(ish), we'll, probably, have other humans priorities to consider... But at least for now, for the first hour-or-so of our day, when there's no where else we need to be, you will find us curled up in bed with coffee and toast, laughing at the future versions of ourselves... who are most definitely laughing at us. 

meanwhile, my current self was totally rolling because of this.

...and this. 

Happy Wednesday!


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