January 03, 2014

Soul family & the Springs

Dan's, Mine, Mike's, Teresa's.
{You know you are good friends when your choice of footwear resembles one another's, even on opposite sides of the globe.}

{the cutest couple... of guys in the room}

{and their better halves.}

{the resort}

{This place. Just WOW.}

{New Year's morning. Handsome Jack.}


{the brunch that nearly beat us. Nearly.}

{pure sunshine.}

On New Year's Eve we drove out to Palm Springs to surprise our friends Teresa and Michael who were in town visiting from New Zealand! Although we hadn't been in the same hemisphere for almost 3 years, the laughter and great conversation flowed like Craggy Range wine and Manuka honey, only this time they weren't newlyweds and we weren't living out of a tikigod-painted van in the land down under. We savored every second we spent with these guys, and served ourselves second helpings of happiness as we clinked plastic cups of champagne in a hot tub beneath the starry desert sky at midnight. The next morning we woke up to the sun rising over the hills, sipped cappuccinos, and snuggled on the couch before heading out for the best brunch of the year and a long walk during which hearts were poured out to the last drop.

 Yes, it was as good as, even better than, it sounds. 

 During our first year in Colorado I worked with Teresa at an amazing boutique called Bliss on Pearl Street in Boulder and we bonded instantly over a mutual affection for books, burritos, and The Bachelorette. We danced together at our wedding, ate burned waffles together on Easter, and rented places minutes from each other along the same bus route. Just before the lovebirds moved back to T's homeland we shared a teary-eyed Mexican feast and promised to keep in touch. Little did we know that a few months later we would be booking tickets for the trip of our lives to a country we hope to call home someday. In a tiny church in the pouring rain, we stood in the pews as these two said "I do" and then celebrated and toasted their new marriage in a wine cellar on a dimly lit street in Auckland. A few days later we met at a cabin on a quiet peninsula, played cards late into the night, and laid on the sand staring at the Southern Cross in a pitch-black sky. Shortly after, we met T & Mike at their little Victorian cottage in Napier, rode tandem bikes between a half-dozen wineries, and walked along the cobble-stone shops downtown. As we drove away from their little town, on our way to the world's skydiving capital (in which we obliged) we knew that a seed had been planted in our souls that would keep us rooted in that special place until we can return- shipping crate in tow. 

Til' then, we couldn't be more grateful to have rung in the new year, a fresh start, and full 365 days ahead, with our sweet little soul family. 
"Sweet as", 2014. 

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