October 11, 2013

the greatest gift

Give me a few hours with a horse...

a wooden barn 
the sound of rain on a tin roof
 the smell of sawdust, grain, and leather 
a soft brush that finds the sweet spot behind two fuzzy ears
 a hoof delicately placed in your hand
 the warm breath from the softest nose
 the biggest, most trusting brown eyes 
a forehead that is lowered politely to be petted
curious lips circling in your palm
a gentle mouth pulling a solid bit over flat teeth
a slack rope and heavy footsteps following behind
the soft footing of an arena
the tug of a leather girth stretched into place
boots pressing down into metal stirrups
ankles tucked against a warm side
knees squeezing a cool leather saddle
hands holding thin reins like they were porcelain
a helmet strap tucked underneath my chin
moving forward as one body
a hundred dizzying laps
a silent language spoken between best friends
a satisfying dismount
a quiet walk back to the barn
the slow release of a bridle 
the weight of a warm saddle being lifted
the excited chatter of neighbors as dinner is delivered
fresh alfalfa flakes tossed into feed bins
the release of a halter buckle 
hoof prints in soft shavings
the latch on the wooden door sliding shut
a friendly face hanging over the rail,
 turned to watch me walk away...

I will give you the fullest heart I can find.


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