October 21, 2013

Hailey vs. Wild

On Saturday my sister-in-law and I drove up to the top of a mountain and spent five hours learning how to "survive" in the wilderness. We sat on the ground. We made rope out of plants. We made smaller rocks out of bigger rocks. We glued sharp rocks to sticks. We whittled sticks and set small-animal traps (in case we would want a pet while lost in the woods, obiviously). We peed in the dirt...

Overall, it was a great way to spend an afternoon and some decent cash, because now I know how to keep myself busy, and hopefully from starving, if I am ever lost in the woods- and mostly because I learned why I should avoid all potential getting-lost-in-the-wilderness activities, altogether,  from now on. 
My sister-in-law, however, conquered the survival workshop like a boss. On our way up to the mountain site she told me about how she once canoed through the Yukon and "befriended" bears and moose, and how she learned how to build a shelter from sticks and leaves. I decided then and there that should my first plan of wilderness avoidance fail, you'll just find me glued to her side. 
She'll be the one that looks like Pocahontas...



  1. I think this is amazing. I've always wanted to do a wilderness survival challenge...not enough to actually do it, I mean. Lol. But in theory... :)

    1. I still totally want to do an actual survival challenge! The workshop was a lot of fun but I was probably feeling a little over-confident, as we were 20 yards from our car and I had brought lunch from Panera... but like, being dropped off 5 miles from civilization and having to fend for myself for like, 48 hours, seems like it would be fun. Unless I was actually trying to survive. Wanna audition for Suvivor Season...37, with me? :)


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