September 19, 2013

Getaway, getaway!

The man and I are gearing up for a long-weekend getaway to visit a couple of our best friends... (see what I did there?) ... in Chicago! Sarah and I met a few years ago while working in a summer position at the Botanic Gardens in Denver. The job, thankfully, was only temporary but it created a super-powered-fourpart-friendship-organism that has survived intercontinental travel, cross-country moves, board game marathons, and more Taco Bell runs that we would like to admit. Just before our trip to Ireland, Sarah and Colin moved from Denver to Chicago, so the last time we said a teary goodbye was at the airport between connecting flights on our way back home. While Facetime chats and glitter-filled birthday card greetings (I'm still not sorry) have consoled us over the past year and a half, this weekend's reunion is long awaited!`

Our suitcases are packed, airplane snacks purchased (the only time twizzlers and wasabi almonds are allowed in the same sitting), appetites prepped for deep-dish pizza consumption, and our hearts ready to burst with joy...

Chicago here we come!



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  1. *like* :) Enjoy the windy city! I was just there in July. :)


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