July 09, 2013

on heart work

{the shop}

Yesterday marked my three-month mark at the art supply. In some ways it feels like I just started and in others like I have been there for years. My transition was smoother than I imagined and I feel completely in my element for the first time in... well, a very long time.

If I were to choose a word to summarize the past three months- our move from Colorado to California, our jobs, our house, our community, our routines... it would be: refreshing
 Like a dive into the ocean, like the view from the top of a mountain, like sticking your feet in a stream after a long hike; every bit as satisfying, sensory-overloading, and humbling.  

Yes, our house is still a work in progress and we haven't made a single nail-hole yet in the walls, and yes, we are both working more (mentally, emotionally, and physically) than we ever have, and yes, we are anxious for more chances to make new friends and settle into stable routines... but deep down in my soul, I am truly refreshed. 

There is hard-work, and there is heart-work. Oh boy, is there ever a difference. 



  1. I agree 100% - heart work is sooooo much more refreshing! And are you working at an art store? That sounds ideal! Um, I kind of want to do that, too...I'm glad things are going well. :)

    1. Thanks Natalie!! Yes! You totally should!! I am the new store manager at the San Clemente Art Supply, it is such an amazing opportunity and a dream come true. I am constantly trying to think of ways to write about my daily experiences there, it's such an incredibly inspiring place, but for some reason I am scared: I've always lived a double life, keeping work/real life separate from blogging as much as possible but I'm ready to bridge that gap! You are an inspiration, I admire your honesty and courage so much.


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