June 19, 2013

What We've Resort(ed) to

When it comes to seeing the world together, the man and I make most of our major travel plans... apart. More specifically, he is at work and I'm left alone for like an hour too long and end up leaving him six voicemails, twelve emails, and ultimately putting our names down for a few pricey plane rides and a little stay somewhere on the other side of the planet. Hey, it's worked before

We have both been cruising at autobahn speeds for the past few months and I started to worry that if we didn't actually book a trip, all good excuses for one would simply slip on by us. We will be celebrating our fifth, FIFTH! (What?!) anniversary this fall and we haven't taken a proper vacation together for a few years so there was nothing really holding us back. Yet it still took a few sleepless nights and long phone calls during the day for us to finally decide to make our move.

Even though I probably could have rattled off our vacation wish-list by heart after the past few years of daydreaming, vacations are crazy-expensive, new places can be a risky, and there are important decisions to be made: should we get the room that we could swim to the bar from or the one with a private bridge to the buffets?? But at the end of the day, all we really want is some quality time together in a beautiful place, a little adventure, and a lot of fun... but towels shaped like swans and a few pina coladas couldn't hurt. 

So we finally decided to book our anniversary getaway to... Jamaica!! We are crazy excited and can't wait for November! That gives me just about 5 months to build up my fake tan and island accent. 

Jamaica dreamin

for set details click here

{ fyi : We booked our trip through cheapcarribbean and we will be staying at Secret's St James resort- we honeymooned at Secret's Capri and would absolutely recommend them to anyone! }



  1. Awesome! I had the exact same trip with Cameron in 2011. We booked through Cheapcaribbean and stayed at secrets st james too! We had so much fun and the resort is great.. They have nice beaches. Be sure to get to the beach before others so you can snag an umbrella spot. The sun is brutal without one and we saw too many people with bad sunburns. Also, when they jerk chicken and coconut guy comes by with their cart, definitely grab a plate! We looked forward to it every day. They have complimentary kayaks and catamaran rides at the beach as well. Let me know if you have any questions or need some more travel tips. Take a glance at my Facebook album if you want to see more firsthand pics of the resort.

    1. That's right!! I remember looking at your photos!! I'll have to go back and peek at them again. Oh my goodness, it sounds so amazing. We are sooo excited, we cannot wait! I wish we were leaving tomorrow, lol. That's the only bummer about booking trips months in advance... Thanks for all the good tips! Especially about the umbrellas, a must-have for us fair-skinned gals :)

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