May 28, 2013

life lately

Our Memorial Day weekend was certainly memorable, even though I know that's not exactly the point, but we definitely took advantage of some of our country's finest freedoms, all preserved by the price hundreds of thousands of brave individuals, and their families, have paid. Thank you to all who serve and have served our beautiful home. It was an exciting few days, filled with some fun "firsts" but as always, went by too quickly, especially since Dan worked all day Saturday and most of Monday so our weekend was cut a bit short but we still managed to cram it full of fun memories. 

We had an amazing dinner Saturday night at a lovely Italian restaurant and explored the wonder of the Spectrum in Irvine for the first time (think Disneyland-Vegas-outdoor-mall-carnival). On Sunday we went for a nice hike on the trails by our house and made it twice as far as we'd been before (whoop!), and then headed up to Santa Ana for the Patchwork craft show. We ate some delicious vegan tacos (beer battered avocado and bbq jackfruit!) and had blackberry Italian soda and each got a fun t-shirt from one of the booths. Then we came home and made some yummy jalapeno-artichoke dip and our signature spicy margaritas to take to the annual block party that was raging outside our front door. We had {way more than!!} our fill of food and fun and are still paying the price for it, especially in my neck- which may or may not have been subjected to whiplash on a trampoline that seemed like a good idea at the time. 

Monday was rough but we all lived. We had to take our boy Arthur to the vet(s) (who happen to be my father and brother in law) office to have xrays because he started limping out of nowhere Sunday night.  He never shows pain (this is the same dog who barely squeaked when he smacked his face into the wall in our backyard and knocked his canine tooth through his cheek a month ago... oh, I didn't share that story? Maybe another time) so when he started limping and collapsing on his side yesterday we knew something was very wrong. The good news is that we couldn't find any major injuries on the xrays but the bad news is that the only thing that will help is time, and some nice pain meds of course. We think he may have slipped a disk in his back or pinched a nerve so he isn't able to put any weight on his left leg. We know he is starting to get older, but he is like a child to us and it's awful knowing he is in pain right now. 

Dan had to stop into work before we drove up to see his dad, and he went back as soon as we got home... where he stayed for 10 hours. {side rant: I am so, so grateful that he has a job he loves and feels engaged and productive at but I am SO ready for this deadline to pass this week so we can start to attempt a somewhat normal routine}. Meanwhile, I treated myself (and my aching joints) to a wonderful bubbly bath and time with one of my current reads: Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin  which is a fun book but a little ironic since I am happier at home, in our incredible new house, than ever. I mean really... this is our bathtub. And that's the window above it. And that's where I watched the sunset from last night.  I mean, what? Seriously speechless. Everyday I am in awe of how blessed we are and so incredibly thankful for every little second of life. 

Today starts a short week for me, and *fingers crossed* for my husband as well. I am off to the DMV  to get my California license renewed, which means a new picture! Mercy. I'll see if they will at least dim the lights. 

One last thing...I'm totally going to be better about being on here more often, I promise, but thank you for holding the line while I've learned to juggle a whole new life over the past few weeks. Thank you for stopping by!



  1. I'm jealous of the tub - that is my dream, to have a tub like that. Yeah I know, I dream big. :)
    How does Happier at Home compare to the Happiness Project? Thinking of reading it...

    1. I actually haven't read the Happiness Project yet! Happier at Home was sort of an Amazon impulse buy. What were your thoughts on it? I'm enjoying Happier at Home- I think she makes a lot of great points- but it's almost a little too vague for me... like I wish there was more of a call-to-action at the end of every chapter instead of just loose suggestions. But then again, she wrote it about her experience, not as a step by step guide for others, so I appreciate her openness.


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