April 30, 2013

reading list recap: April

Overall: *****

Summary: Hadley Richardson  recalls her passionate, tumultuous, exhilarating, devastating life as the wife of Ernest Hemingway in 1920's Paris. 
(seriously, what else do I need to say?)

What I Loved: This is not simply a great novel, this is a story that will bore into your soul, making you wish you were there and tempt you to sell everything you own and board the next flight (back in time) to France. I craved wine and cheese as much as I craved each chapter and the characters, language, and settings made me fall hopelessly in love with every word. 

Not so much: My incessant, impulsive thoughts about plane tickets and expensive bottles of wine and lack of ability to afford either at this time.

Overall: *****

Summary: A big, beautiful "coffee-table" book that feels as much like a piece of decorative art as an intimate biography of one of the most incredible women in history. Featuring stunning photos and text about Georgia O'Keefe's life in New Mexico and the homes she envisioned and built from scratch. Her simple style, holistic approach to both life and art, and incredibly passionate personality are captured on every page.

What I Loved: I bought this book at her gallery in Santa Fe and have paged through it several times over the past few weeks. I know I will come back to this book every time I need a reminder of how to live with only what I love and how to love everything I live with. 

Not So Much: I only wish I had pockets big enough for this 5lb beauty... or a small version to carry with me every where I go. 


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