April 10, 2013

a quick hello!

Hi friends! I am rushing around trying to get a little post in but my arms and legs seem to be swinging in opposite directions and my mind is racing a mile a minute, but I wanted to stop by and say hello! 

Today marked our first full week in California and so far it has seriously been amazing! We are still pinching ourselves daily that our dream of moving back has come true and that it's better than we could have ever imagined. Sure, the moving process was exhausting and stressful, and a few firm phone calls had to be made to a certain moving company, but otherwise we are truly blown away by how blessed we have been over the past few months. 

Dan and I both started our new jobs on Monday (love!) and are getting settled into our new routines. Our house is coming together one empty box at a time, and our yard-sale stash is growing daily. It feels so good to start fresh in a new space and finally get back to the basics. Right now our basics consist of lawn chairs, margaritas, and watching the sunset over the hills in our back yard, so unfortunately unpacking and cleaning have slipped away from us. I'm sure the perfect weather, incredible views, and beach will get old eventually.... ha! 

While our week has been great so far, I am so looking forward to a few days of rest and rejuvenation over the weekend... and more significant blog posts of course. Thank you for stopping by! 

be back soon!


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