March 08, 2013

{ Thirty Things } update!

the Keystone condo
It's only been a week, but this one will definitely go down in the books as one of the most exciting, stressful, and patience-testing times of our lives. Our house came on the market a week ago and it went under contract last night! The next few weeks will be filled with travel plans, house-hunting, and packing but we are still hoping to cross many more things off our little list. Here's an update on what we've done so far!
1. Visit Keystone, build a fire and play in the snow 

We escaped to the mountains last weekend which was the perfect way to avoid the hustle and bustle of showings and open houses going on. We took all three boys (the cat too!) and spent the weekend relaxing and playing in the snow. 

2. Walk to Pinche Tacos happy hour

We found out last night that our house is under contract so to celebrate we headed down to get happy hour with some friends. Five hours later, it was another epic night at Pinche, and won't be our last before we move.

3. See a movie at the Denver Film Center down the street
4. See a concert or live show at a local venue
5. Happy hour margaritas on a rooftop in Boulder 
6. See the Georgia O'Keefe exhibit at the Denver Art Museum
7. Return books to the library, pay fines one last time

I returned my books but by some miracle, they never appeared on my account so I may be in the clear! 
Hailey, 1, Library, 7.

8. Dinner at the Rio downtown
9. Visit Breckenridge & Frisco

We didn't make it into Breckenridge this time but we stopped for lunch at a delicioso Mexican restaurant in little Frisco before making our way down the mountain. It was the perfect fuel we needed to sit in traffic for three hours. 

10. Have brunch at the Greenbriar Inn where we had our reception
11. Hapa Sushi happy hour
12. Take the New Belgium Brewery tour in Fort Collins
13. Have a dirty vanilla Russian chai from Dazbog around the corner
14. Meet Dan in Boulder for lunch
15. Visit Pearl Street and cute shops
16. Go to the Garden of the gods
17. Try to find original 1896 blue prints of our house
18. Find a coffee shop with live music
19. Walk around Cheesman Park

Each day this week that we have had showings (all but one!) I have loaded the pets into the car (yep, cat too!) and driven to a park, (or parking lot) nearby and passed the time. On a nice, sunny day this week we all went over to Cheesman and walked around (not the cat, he explored the car) and rolled in the grass (not me). Well, maybe me. It was a lovely, quiet afternoon amidst the chaos.

20. Try the new Udi's cafe down the street
21. Celebrate our birthday's!
22. Do bad karaoke at a dive bar
23. Drive up to RedRocks, stand on the stage
24. Walk around City Park
25. Pizza at the Atomic Cowboy

The evening we got back from the mountains was stressful as we had to unpack, clean, and get the house ready for showings the next day so we decided to hop over to get some dinner at AC. It was delicious as always but the chipotle ranch on top of the jalapeƱo pineapple pizza burned our tongues right off. They also happen to serve cold beverages, which we were forced to partake in, for medical reasons. 

26. Visit 3 microbreweries around the city

In Keystone, we had lunch at our fave spot, the Dillon Dam Brewery. It doesn't count as one of the microbreweries we want t visit, but it was delicious, and fun to enjoy this tradition one last time for a while. 

27. Get ice cream at Little Man
28. Play pool at Wynkoop downtown
29. Sell our house, celebrate with dinner at Fruition
30. Have a party!!

Happy Friday, friends!!

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