March 01, 2013

{ Thirty Things } To Do in Denver

Keystone, 2007

Getting ready to say goodbye to the place you have spent the past six years is a strange process to say the least. The places and things that have been a part of our daily lives will soon be replaced with new commutes, new views, new restaurants, hobbies, and activities.

( Not to mention the people... but for now, I'm refusing to mention them because I wouldn't be able to hold myself together to write a decent post and since you can't actually see me having a melt down, you would simply be confused by my incoherent rambling. So, no, I am not mentioning the people. yet.)

But now that our days in Denver are seemingly numbered, I wanted to sit down and come up with a list of thirty things for us to do in Denver over the next month... in no particular order, and mostly involving food:

1. Visit Keystone, build a fire and play in the snow 
2. Walk to Pinche Tacos happy hour
3. See a movie at the Denver Film Center down the street
4. See a concert or live show at a local venue
5. Happy hour margaritas on a rooftop in Boulder 
6. See the Georgia O'Keefe exhibit at the Denver Art Museum
7. Return books to the library, pay fines one last time
8. Dinner at the Rio downtown
9. Visit Breckenridge & Frisco
10. Have brunch at the Greenbriar Inn where we had our reception
11. Hapa Sushi happy hour
12. Take the New Belgium Brewery tour in Fort Collins
13. Have a dirty vanilla Russian chai from Dazbog around the corner
14. Meet Dan in Boulder for lunch
15. Visit Pearl Street and cute shops
16. Go to the Garden of the gods
17. Try to find original 1896 blue prints of our house
18. Find a coffee shop with live music
19. Walk around Cheesman Park
20. Try the new Udi's cafe down the street
21. Celebrate our birthday's!
22. Do bad karaoke at a dive bar
23. Drive up to RedRocks, stand on the stage
24. Walk around City Park
25. Pizza at the Atomic Cowboy
26. Visit 3 microbreweries around the city
27. Get ice cream at Little Man
28. Play pool at Wynkoop downtown
29. Sell our house, celebrate with dinner at Fruition
30. Have a party!!


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  1. wow, that is a lot of stuff and sounds like a blast! I can't wait to hear about all these adventures.


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