February 18, 2013


Listening... to the washing machine, contractors renovating the house across the street, the wind.
Looking... at the tree tops, white puffy clouds, a sleeping cat curled up in the sun.
Waiting... for this weekend, good news, fateful meetings, new beginnings.
Praying... for peace, unity, encouragement, guidance.
Eating... lunch with a fabulous friend at Watercourse Foods this afternoon!
Drinking... kale smoothies like they are milkshakes (weirdo!), moscow mules til midnight.
Dreaming... about a fresh start! our lives a few years from now. 
Laughing... at pretty much anything our pets do, this 'article', Ellen. 
Longing... to live the life my Pinterest thinks I should (ha!)
Craving... the ocean, time with family, visiting friends, green grass, relaxation.
Having... a hard time staying in the moment, too-easy-of-a-time de-cluttering our house. 
Happy Monday!
 Go kiss a president


  1. I feel you, staying in the moment is so difficult when you are in a transition period of your life. I catch myself day dreaming all the time. I can excited to hear what is next for you.



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