February 08, 2013

ask for a flood

A few nights ago, Dan and I were catching up on a few old episodes on Shark Tank (watch it) on our DVR. When the last episode was over, it switched back to the station it had previously been on. I can't even tell you what channel that was, why it was on, or what time it was, but at that very moment, Joel Osteen's show (uh, church service) came on. And we didn't change the channel.

Dan and I exchanged some awkward glances, waiting to see who was going to make the move toward the remote first. But we just sat there and watched, and listened. He started talking about how God's blessings come as a flood, not as a trickle, as we so often anticipate. When we ask for small answers, we expect small results. But God doesn't work like a sink faucet, and sometimes his blessing can hit us like a tsunami. 

We have never watched a sermon on TV and just the reputation of some televangelical preachers has been enough to make us scoff, but for some strange reason that night, we just kept listening. Then two days ago, we started to feel our dam walls bursting, just a little, sensing that the flood of blessings being held back on the other side was rushing towards us. 

I wish I could share more specifics, but that is the tug-and-pull of this process of patiently waiting. It is going to be a great day when I can just jump on here and fill you in on the past few months like one long, juicy, slumber party gossip session, about myself. 

But I will say this: do not be afraid to ask, seek, expect, a flood of God's blessings but mercy, 
you better be prepared to swim!

Happy Friday, friendlies


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  1. Hello, I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award. All the information on taking part are on my blog, if you choose not to participate that's cool too. Just wanted to let you know I think you're nifty.



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