January 29, 2013

wears: here, there, everywhere bad hair

I have a confession. 
I committed a senseless crime against good hair practicum. And it wasn't the first time.
Nor will it likely be the last. I'm not proud, but sometimes when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. 
So I left the house looking like a wet shaggy dog. 

^ unacceptable. 

>>>>> <<<<<

cardigan: loft
t-shirt: target
belt: dorothy perkins 
jeans: 7 for all mankind (plato's closet)
trench: h&m

>>>>> <<<<<

The thing is, I have thick, wavy, layered, frizzalicious hair and it can be an absolute beast to blow dry, curl, straighten, whathaveyou and at some point in my evolution to adulthood I think my brain decided to skip right over the nerve endings that tell my conscience that no matter what I try, air-drying just ain't gonna work out well. 

I have never gotten into a good hair-styling habit... I usually wait until the last second to shower, then just pile my hair under a towel while I get dressed, do my makeup, and get my stuff ready for the day. With only a few minutes to spare, my hair is a total afterthought and at best it'll get a quick blow-dry and some product raked through it. I have been told by stylists that my hair needs a solid 30-45 minutes to blow dry it out, then run over it with a  bus  brush, curling iron, or straightener. That's not a routine my brain nor biceps can seem to get on board with, but I need to seriously kick this bad habit.

I need your help.

How do you schedule in your styling routine? How often do you take the time to do your hair? What are your go-to products, tools, or techniques that make it easier on you?

Thanks friends!

I didn't have a sister. 



  1. My hair is the opposite - so straight and cowlicky I have to blow dry it for volume, for the cowlicks to get back in place, and so it won't be flat & dull. If I'm in a hurry & didn't wake up at least twenty minutes early for this ritual, up it goes in a cute bun or teased ponytail.
    Hope that helps!

  2. oh my gosh - this outfit is the CUTEST!


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