January 09, 2013

we share the same soul

Yesterday evening Dan and I were in the car, on our way to supper group at a friend's house, when he broke the silence with "Can I just say... {long pause}... that I am so excited to have our kids grow up with lots of pets?" 

I just sat there, staring at him, with a dumb grin on my face as if he just told me that the entire earth was made of s'mores. (and I love me some s'mores!) But he just went on, talking about how he can picture our little family and a little house with goats and chickens and our dogs and cat, and maybe a guinea pig(is that pushing it, Dan?) running around and how he got really excited, how he had a vision. He talked about growing our own vegetable garden and looking into how to sell at farmer's markets and even starting some sort of community garden in our next neighborhood. My mind was racing with things I could respond with, ways to add to the conversation not wanting him to stop, but I was coming up blank. I was so giddy that these words, from my computer-science-engineer-husband's mouth, were filling my ears and I was overcome with joy that he was literally speaking about the same dreams I have of our not-so-distant future. 

To be honest there are moments in our marriage where I wonder how in the world we have made it to where we are. On the surface, in so many ways, we couldn't be more opposite. We experience the world around us so differently and have contrasting opinions, reactions, emotions, and thoughts about the things that affect much of our daily lives. And if you had asked me five, ten years ago, what I thought my life would like at twenty-five, most of my current reality isn't even close. Yet there are moments, amidst the mundane and chaotic, that I can see that this handsome man and I truly share the same soul, with absolute, sparkling clarity. 

We still don't have any answers to so many of our questions about the future and we are still left lying awake at night wondering what the next few weeks, months, and years of our lives may look like, but I am so grateful to have this someone right beside me every step of the way.



  1. Hello there! I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster blog award on my blog because I totally love your blog. (You can see the post at the url below.) Feel free to continue the chain, or not. Either way is fine, and no judgement will be passed if you choose not to participate : ]


    P.S.--I love this story! I mean, I'm sure we've all heard the saying "opposites attract" and I could just sit here and tell you this and that's why you guys work, when in truth, sometimes I don't understand how opposites in a relationship work! I love that you reflected on this. And I love that you guys share the same dreams : ] I hope you make them a reality some day!!

  2. We have these same moments, too, Hailey. They take me by surprise, but they delight me to the utmost. :)


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