January 26, 2013

simple salted vanilla caramel dip

It was a gray, gloomy day today in Denver and I spent the afternoon cooped up at home, doing chores and working on the computer. Eventually I hit a major lull and decided I needed a little pick-me-up. We rarely keep sweets in the house (neither of us have much of a sweet tooth, we're chips and dip kind of folks) and I didn't have the patience to bake or make a big mess. I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration and came across this recipe on abeautifulmess. I got excited to test it out when I realized it took 8 hours in the crockpot, which just wasn't going to work today, so I decided to give it my own spin. 
This version has an extra dose of vanilla and some crunchy sea salt for a twist. It took me under 15 minutes from start to finish, and by finish I mean sitting on the couch with a plate of dunkable goodies and a little bowl of ooey gooey homemade caramel. This recipe makes about 2 cups, so I recommend finding a jar or sealable container to pour the rest into, so you can easily drizzle some over your desserts, drinks, or husband as you like!


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  1. Sick photos Hailey. You are my hero. I am going to respond to your email soon.

    You are the best. Had a blast this weekend. CATCH UP WITH YOU SOON (so long as you bring that caramel and don't tell my diet about it).



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