January 21, 2013

my new favorite piece of plastic!

Get your minds out of the gutter.

This my friends, is my new favorite little toy-
 a shiny, tiny remote for my dSLR!

I really don't know why it took me so long to buy one of these babies, they are magical!
The days of running back and forth to my tripod, using lamps and husbands as focal points, setting obnoxious self-timers, and tripping over furry beasts that lay in my path are over! With the push of a little button, I can take fabulous self-portaits from a comfortable distance...But that's not all!

Before I bought this, I did lots of research trying to find a remote that focused the lens simultaneously while taking the picture. Sadly, all of the info I found said that no remote actually focuses the lens but only controls the shutter... well, it surely DOES!! I set my camera (Canon xsi) up in the hallway to test it out, flipped the lens to auto-focus, and bam! Oh the joy! It even fits in the palm of my hand so it can be hidden in pictures. 
Now, that's just neat.

Here are the photos from my inaugural (ha!) remote-controlled selfie shoot, please pardon the poorly lit hallway, day-off outfit choice, and odd shadows... I wasn't intending on modeling for you all, but I couldn't rightly keep this exciting moment to myself!

Happy Monday

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  1. OH my gosh - My mind is blown! This is one of those things that I have thought of a MILLION times but haven't looked into. You have inspired me!!!!


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