January 30, 2013

in memorium : a dog toy tribute

Today I had to do something no pet parent enjoys doing...
It was time to declutter the dog toy box. 

No, not even beloved Hedgers 1, 2 , and 3, Mr. Pez, Bot-Bot, or Santa-Reindeer (missing hat not pictured) were spared from my incessant urge to purge. I have recently tackled almost every corner, closet, and cabinet in the house (twice) but never gave the pup's toy box much thought. Each day I would round up all the ragged beasts and return them to their rightful spot, where they waited to be pulled out and spread throughout the house only minutes later. But other than this daily ritual, the dogs didn't give their old lovey's much thought, preferring their newer, more intact options. So it was time. 

I knew I couldn't just dump them straight into the frozen trash cans outside, so I created a little memorial for them all and had them individually pose for one last, post-mortem portrait. 

RIP little friends, you were dearly loved and gnawed upon. 



  1. Oh I love this! It can certainly be difficult to take away the toys haha. My Grandma's old dog used to chew on and lick these purple people eaters (really just purple dinosaurs)--and only these. He wouldn't take to any other kind of toy. Before he'd switch to the new one, we'd let him keep the old one, and inevitably he'd switch over, and the old one went in the garage. I think my grandparents had a good 5 or 6 of those purple eaters stashed away, plus a few new ones for the future : ]

    And as for your last post--I am not a blow-dryer either. I hate it, and never do a good job. So, I slick my hair back with hairspray while it's wet, put the "tail" in a bun and let it dry like that--switching from the bun to 2 braids when I go to sleep (I shower in the evenings). And when I awake, it's straightening or curling time. Yep! I find that's the best option for me. Regular air drying=frizz mountain!

    1. Hi Beckie!! Aw I loved hearing about the purple people eaters! That is hilarious but so sweet! Lol, love your hair tips too- I'll have to try that when my hair gets a bit longer :)

  2. Awww. Love this little memorial! I should really get rid of some of Sherm's toys. They are ridiculous! And headless (if they had a head to begin with). Now we just stick with nylabones. Everything else lasts 2.4 seconds.

    1. I know it's so hard! We throw the boys a few rawhide or nylabones or their Kong when we can, but they go right back to the stuffed ones when they're done. I am such a sucker for buying them new toys and my husband just says they're going to get destroyed, but I say their lives are short, why not let them rip the nose and eyes and stuffing out of a teddy bear? (that was our exact discussion last night before bed, lol)


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