January 31, 2013

throw back thursday: rebel without a cause

For my first Throw Back Thursday link-up, { thanks Maddie for hosting!! } I debated over an awkward brace-face middle school portrait... but figured I'd just go ahead and jump to the good part of my early teenage years. (and by good... I mean edgy and super rebellious, obviously).

Also, my mom may or may not have taken this photo.

                                                               ^ guess who!

my sincere apologies to my rebel posse for distributing this photo without their prior consent.

rock and roll,

wears: a casual camel coat obsession

Remember that one time I mentioned that one coat from that one place and I knew I would not be able to implement any sort of adequate self-control if it happened to go on sale?

Well it did... and I didn't... and now it's mine.
(50% off, baby)

sweet victory!

>>>>> <<<<<

coat: old navy
jeans: aeropostale (thrifted)
scarf: macy's
belt: h&m
sweater: h&m
shoes: madewell

>>>>> <<<<<

January 30, 2013

in memorium : a dog toy tribute

Today I had to do something no pet parent enjoys doing...
It was time to declutter the dog toy box. 

No, not even beloved Hedgers 1, 2 , and 3, Mr. Pez, Bot-Bot, or Santa-Reindeer (missing hat not pictured) were spared from my incessant urge to purge. I have recently tackled almost every corner, closet, and cabinet in the house (twice) but never gave the pup's toy box much thought. Each day I would round up all the ragged beasts and return them to their rightful spot, where they waited to be pulled out and spread throughout the house only minutes later. But other than this daily ritual, the dogs didn't give their old lovey's much thought, preferring their newer, more intact options. So it was time. 

I knew I couldn't just dump them straight into the frozen trash cans outside, so I created a little memorial for them all and had them individually pose for one last, post-mortem portrait. 

RIP little friends, you were dearly loved and gnawed upon. 


January 29, 2013

wears: here, there, everywhere bad hair

I have a confession. 
I committed a senseless crime against good hair practicum. And it wasn't the first time.
Nor will it likely be the last. I'm not proud, but sometimes when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. 
So I left the house looking like a wet shaggy dog. 

^ unacceptable. 

>>>>> <<<<<

cardigan: loft
t-shirt: target
belt: dorothy perkins 
jeans: 7 for all mankind (plato's closet)
trench: h&m

>>>>> <<<<<

The thing is, I have thick, wavy, layered, frizzalicious hair and it can be an absolute beast to blow dry, curl, straighten, whathaveyou and at some point in my evolution to adulthood I think my brain decided to skip right over the nerve endings that tell my conscience that no matter what I try, air-drying just ain't gonna work out well. 

I have never gotten into a good hair-styling habit... I usually wait until the last second to shower, then just pile my hair under a towel while I get dressed, do my makeup, and get my stuff ready for the day. With only a few minutes to spare, my hair is a total afterthought and at best it'll get a quick blow-dry and some product raked through it. I have been told by stylists that my hair needs a solid 30-45 minutes to blow dry it out, then run over it with a  bus  brush, curling iron, or straightener. That's not a routine my brain nor biceps can seem to get on board with, but I need to seriously kick this bad habit.

I need your help.

How do you schedule in your styling routine? How often do you take the time to do your hair? What are your go-to products, tools, or techniques that make it easier on you?

Thanks friends!

I didn't have a sister. 


January 28, 2013

i think we all need a pep talk...

happy Monday, homies


wears: bootielicious

Dear Old Navy,

For years I successfully avoided your trap of cheap-clothing temptation but alas, in an unassuming suburb parking lot, somewhere between Costco and Panera, I stumbled through your automatic doors, mine eyes needing no adjustment due to your adequate fluorescent lighting, and found myself powerless against your ridiculous prices. I diverted my vision and darted feverishly through the aisles, but could not escape the seductive stares of this pair of matte black ankle booties, with just enough heel, interior zippers, lightweight lining, and their perfect height for wearing with jeans, leggings, tights, etcetera...
or their $14.99 pricetag. 

I admit, I was a fool in love. 
Just don't let it happen again.
unless that camel peacoat with gold buttons happens to go on sale.



>>>>> <<<<<

jean jacket: Levis 
skirt: Halogen
tights: Loft
shoes: Old Navy

>>>>> <<<<<

January 26, 2013

simple salted vanilla caramel dip

It was a gray, gloomy day today in Denver and I spent the afternoon cooped up at home, doing chores and working on the computer. Eventually I hit a major lull and decided I needed a little pick-me-up. We rarely keep sweets in the house (neither of us have much of a sweet tooth, we're chips and dip kind of folks) and I didn't have the patience to bake or make a big mess. I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration and came across this recipe on abeautifulmess. I got excited to test it out when I realized it took 8 hours in the crockpot, which just wasn't going to work today, so I decided to give it my own spin. 
This version has an extra dose of vanilla and some crunchy sea salt for a twist. It took me under 15 minutes from start to finish, and by finish I mean sitting on the couch with a plate of dunkable goodies and a little bowl of ooey gooey homemade caramel. This recipe makes about 2 cups, so I recommend finding a jar or sealable container to pour the rest into, so you can easily drizzle some over your desserts, drinks, or husband as you like!