December 15, 2012

you can call him Master

roughly 39 loooong months ago (not that I was counting... but I was) a man began a journey with a seemingly indefinite end...

a journey that required purchasing 600 page text books with titles like parallel programming for rocket scientists and the genius's guide to all things obnoxiously hard to pronounce...

a journey that served as the perfect year-round excuse from chores, errands, and shopping...

a long, exhausting, awesome journey to destination: Master's Degree!!

Wahoo!! Hooray!! Yeehaw!!

As of 12.14.2012 my incredible husband officially has his Master's in Computer Science
(just typing that makes my brain hurt)
and I couldn't be more proud!!

I also couldn't be more excited, because this means that for the first time in all our years together, neither of us is in school!! Who knows what the future may hold? What possibilities lie ahead? The endless hours of free time to devote to senseless television shows, miscellaneous hobbies...

but mostly lots of this:
Well just wrap it up, put it in the bag...I'll take it!
Congratulations Master Daniel!! 
I love you with all my heart.
(just don't get used to me calling you that... ever, really).

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