December 10, 2012

weekend wears and the fluffy photobombers

It is now Monday and roughly 16 degrees outside which means this outfit is neither suitable for work or for venturing anywhere beyond the toasty walls of our condo cocoon. It was, however, perfectly suitable for walking to the park with the boys on a (warm!) lazy weekend afternoon and collecting cat hair as I showcased my human-lint-roller skills while laying on the couch watching episode, after episode, of House Hunters International. 

best buddies

>>>>> <<<<<

shirt: American Eagle, thrifted
jeans: Aeropostale, thrifted
belt: gap, circa 2006
necklace: Loft, gift
shoes: roxy slip-ons, DSW

>>>>> <<<<<

behind the scene: my cooperative husband holding still so I could set up the camera

Happy Monday Amigos!

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