December 08, 2012

The Three Day Detox, does a body good

Shorter days, cooler nights, and a fabulous excuse to indulge around every corner (Thanksgiving, leftovers, holiday parties, seasonal drinks, cocktails, and time with friends and family!), this time of year can take a toll on our diets (er, lack there of). About a month ago a friend told me about a Dr Oz episode she happened to see about a 3 Day Detox/Cleanse that actually sounded pretty do-able.  Dan likes to think that I get super pumped over complicated and bizarre self-torture tricks like drinking aloe vera juice and eating meals of lentils and legumes... and he's totally right! After all, it was less than two months ago that I participated in the fitness challenge at work that had me eating tofu twice a day in an attempt to put on some muscle in hopes of winning some moolah.

Neither succeeded but I do not-so-secretly love a good cleanse every now and then.

But with the holidays here and with too many delicious treats to try and too little time, I wasn't willing to sacrifice any fun for an overly complicated or lengthy detox, so this plan was the perfect, and relatively painless, fit! The ingredients are all things we had or I was able to buy in bulk at Costco or Whole Foods (I recommend Costco if you are able, you use tons of kale and fruit, especially if you're doing it with a sig. other!) and it is designed to combine different fruits, veggies, and ingredients that optimize your digestive system and help "restart" vital organs.

We (yes Dan did it with me!...kind of....partially) started Monday night with the pre-cleanse meal. I couldn't find the info on this online but it is supposed to be a portion of salmon, black rice, and kale with onions and garlic. Then you drink 3-4 smoothies a day (the snack is supposed to be a repeat smoothie of your choice) for 3 days. The first day was the hardest and neither of us could function at work so I cheated by eating a handful of raw cashews, some jicama with avocado, and two plain rice cakes). Hungry is never fun and I think you're less likely to make a huge bad mistake if you allow yourself some grace over some small, healthy decisions. After day two I felt good, my appetite had gotten smaller, and I even skipped the snack smoothie without realizing it. Day three was the easiest, knowing I was so close to finishing and since I noticed some positive changes in my body (less bloating, more energy, smaller appetite), it was good motivation to follow through to the end. 

We actually both really liked the smoothies (the lunch one was the hardest for Dan but I didn't mind it) and since we have some ingredients left over we have been having a smoothie for breakfast every morning since we finished the cleanse. I am also planning on taking a smoothie and some healthy snacks to work as my lunch since it's easier to pack than a big salad and healthier (and cheaper!) than anything pre-made. I was so skeptical about putting some of these things in the blender (spinach, kale, celery!) but the berries and fruit mask the taste so you don't even realize they are in there. Sneaky. (The perfect trick to use on little ones one day!) The other best part about this detox is that you have an excuse to take a hot bubble bath three days in a row! Ahhhhhh.........

Here is the shopping list and schedule for the detox- pretty easy and self explanatory, but the one thing I realized is that they didn't account for the snack smoothies, so just make sure you stock up on plenty of the ingredients. Like I said, I got most of the fruit and kale at Costco and the rest of the stuff at Whole Foods. 

Easy peasy! (no peas though, praise the Lord).
Dr. Oz's 3-Day Detox Cleanse One-Sheet
Thinking of doing it? Let me know how it goes! 

But NOW my amazing and thoughtful husband and I are off to eat pizza and drink a bottle of wine and (FINALLY!!!) see a fabulous concert downtown by this amazing woman!! 

Years and years worth of joy and tears may just come bursting forth from my beating heart tonight....
My man sure love me, he surely surely do!

Happiest of Happy Saturdays to you all!



  1. One of my coworkers just finished this and raved about how good she felt - I may be due for it after the holidays!

    1. Let me know if you do it! It was so easy and actually enjoyable- the best side effect was that it eliminated my crazy cravings for sweets and cheese. We are still making smoothies for breakfast a few days a week and it totally helps with feelings of bloating and overall yuckiness! Yay Dr Oz!


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