December 06, 2012

Hey Time! ... (slow down, would ya?)

Yeesh, where have the days gone, my peeps? I feel like I blink and the end of the week is upon us again, which wouldn't be a bad thing if my Saturday's were actually on Saturday, instead of randomly squashed into the middle of the week when I discover a whole day's worth of empty slots on my Google calendar. (pros: less traffic and shorter lines at the store! woohoo!) It's all part of the job, but it sure can throw off my feeble attempts at adhering to some sort of blogging schedule (you didn't notice, right?). I am not complaining... I'm just adjusting. A constant, painful state of adjusting. 

I am sure all of you have had busy weeks and chaotic schedules this week as well, so I'll spare you the details of what I did when and where, and instead share something that didn't happen. No news
No hints, no updates, nada, zilch, zero. Sorry friends. It's big and exciting stuff and I am bursting to share but I can't just yet. In fact, there's a chance I won't be able to share anything of real substance (just in regard to this mysterious news... I'll still share plenty of important things here and on instagram. like artsy photos of my smoothie detox groceries, don't you fret!)... until NEXT YEAR!!

I know that's only a few weeks away but I love using every opportunity in December to refer to things in the near future as being "next year", like "Hey you! See ya next year!" with a knee slap and a hearty hah-hah! 

But really. It probably won't be until next year, so I should probably go ahead and change the subject...

to (two!) Book reviews!! 

Crossed these babies off my reading list about a bit ago so I wanted to share my thoughts with you. 
Like full-sentency thoughts and stuff.

The Gilly Salt Sisters

Summary: In a tiny, coastal New England town two sisters, who could not be more opposite from one another, share a controversial common element: the salt their ancestors have farmed and sold for generations before them. Thought to be witches by some, they are ever the talk of the town whether it be about their bizarre family history or the twisted love triangles that begin an almost irreparable distance between them. The mystery about the sisters' past may run deeper than the salty surface they both love and loathe.

What I loved: The characters, the setting, and the author's writing style. A quick and entertaining novel, twists at the end of each chapter often kept me up past my bedtime. I also had an intense craving for salt the entire way through.

Not so much: While I think the book would make a good movie, there isn't anything incredibly profound about the story. It can feel predictable at times, and the story seemed to very closely resemble this book that I didn't care for. 

Overall: ****

The Reader

Summary: A teenage boy and a woman roughly two decades his senior begin an intense love affair in post World War II Germany. He visits her at her apartment everyday where they perform the same, somewhat bizarre routine involving bathing and having the boy read the woman stories out loud. After several weeks, the woman disappears, but the boy never forgets her. Many years later, the two are reunited in the confines of a court room where one of them is on trial. 

What I loved: The intensity of the story and the short length of the book made it a quick and interesting read. Honestly, I think I would have enjoyed reading it more if it were part of a psychology class assignment in college so I could have discussed it with others.

Not so much: It's a totally dark, weird, and uncomfortable story by nature. It's not overly romantic, deep, complex, or exciting. It sort of just gets darker, weirder, and more uncomfortable as it goes on... again, would make an interesting psychology class read, not the best for simple pleasure reading.

Overall: ***

Happy evening!
I'm on my way to polish off the LAST smoothie of my 3 day detox. I survived and only sparingly cheated... in the form of some raw cashews and a few plain rice cakes. I'm only human. 
More on this tomorrow.

(the detox, not the human thing.)


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