December 13, 2012

happy birthday Artie!

This handsome little gent turned 8 on Tuesday which means he came into my life 7 years ago! It's still hard to believe that on December 11th, 2005, I showed up to an adoption fair, went straight over to this gangly Grover look-alike, he jumped up and put his paws on my shoulders, and an hour later I paid cash for him and home we went.

 While deciding on his name, I instantly knew he was quite the royal pup, so in the car ride home, somewhere between Santa Monica and Redondo Beach, he became King Arthur Montgomery, aka Artie. He has since learned to swim in the ocean, taken over a dozen road trips through six states,  met his future daddy, moved four times, watched us get married (as the ring bearer at our wedding, of course!), stayed by my side through college, new jobs, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and has been a patient big brother to a mischievous feline and particularly tiresome red-haired pup. 

Happy Birthday to you sweet Arthur bear, we can't imagine a day without you.


doggy ice cream sundaes!

can't leave the cat out!

8 sweet years young!


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