November 15, 2012

How low can you go?!

I was once a limbo champion.  
My 12 year-old self could fling her head back toward her waist, plant her feet wider than her shoulders, angle her knees to the floor, and shimmy her way under that pole better than anyone. A limbo contest was the highlight of my 6th grade birthday party- if you don't count using 40 rolls of toilet paper to TP my own house, or the front-yard-swing-trapeeze stunts that ended with at least one broken wrist. 

As an adult, I still find myself attempting to beat my limbo record- only now it doesn't involve plastic leis, colorful pvc pipe, NOW that's what I call music 3......and I am much less flexible. Now limbo is a stiffening combination of suspense, anxiousness, and excitement. I am feeling bent over backwards with the weight of so many huge decisions pressing my shoulders toward the floor; praying that my feet don't slip out from under me and I fall flat on my butt. It's no longer an option to step back to the starting line, regain my composure and reassess my approach. I am no nearer to the end of this process than I am to the beginning. I am committed; smack dab under that streamer-wrapped bar, staring up at the ceiling lights, wanting so badly to close my eyes and pray that after a few more shuffles I'll be in the clear. I can almost hear the applause and can feel my victory breath filling my lungs. 

There is an end in sight, no doubt. In fact, the other side is so painfully close it seems insane that so many big decisions, choices, and opportunities will be sorted through before we get there. It's like crossing an entire desert to get to an oasis, only to discover a 50 foot deep pit separating you from the sweet relief just on the other side. I hope we are able to look back in a few months and see how far we have come and how small and distant this crazy limbo game feels. I know the suspense is driving you mad and I am sorry I can't share more yet... all I can say is that it involves a lot of when/where/what/how.

I know, I'm about as good at hint-giving as I am at limbo.
 Thanks for hanging in there.



  1. love this analogy and I'm so glad I found you here, you are such a good blogger, and i miss you!

    i like that you are being introspective and there are changes on the is constantly a limbo type deal I think :o

  2. Your a great writer Hailey! I love this- I feel this way so often. I wanted to let you know I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award! You can see it on my blog at Hope you have a great week!


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