November 03, 2012

e-course, of course!

I just signed up for Blog (design) Love e-course taught by the lovely ladies over at ABeautifulMess/ RedVelvet Shop and I could not be more excited!! 

After recently completing the Flying Lessons e-course with Kelly Rae Roberts a few weeks ago I have been finding new ideas and inspiration all around me. This class was incredible and helped put a lot of the unknown and scary what-if's about starting a creative business in perspective. I have a much better grasp on where I want to take my blog/creative business ideas over the next few years but I have been feeling stuck by not knowing how to physically create a space in which do to that. I have played around a little with the templates and html options provided by blogger/google and used photoshop throughout college but don't have it available at home (yet... right, Santa?) so I am anxious to finally go beyond the basic. 

Needless to say, I am looking forward to soaking up everything these gals have to say. Not only have they built an incredible blog, store, and creative business from scratch- I love their aesthetic and style, something that most coding books and websites lack. The irony is that my husband is about to graduate with his Master's in computer science and develops software for a living... but he's always too busy saving the world to help me with any of this important stuff, like adding a Pinterest button in the shape of a heart to my page.

So naturally, at $34 for the class,  I couldn't pass up the chance to join this fabulous e-course! 
I can't wait to pimp my page with some new blogger bling.


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  1. Ooo. Kind of want to do this, since my html skills are nil.


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