November 13, 2012

an inspired cubicle

We made inspiration boards during our staff meeting at work last week. I am not going to tell you how long I spent making mine- searching, cutting, arranging, pasting- but I am going to tell you that I am surprised by how much I love it. Despite how cheesy and superficial "inspiration boards" can be, 50+ real estate professionals were given strict orders by the boss lady to spend the better part of our meeting filling them with words and pictures that visualized our individual goals...and boy, did we. 

Stats show that people who have a visual representation of their goals and dreams in front of them at work are more likely to achieve them than those who don't.

Can't argue with science, people.
So whether you work from a little cubicle or a big shiny office, at home or at a coffee shop, find ways to keep your inspiration in front of you at all times. Take a few photos of your family or past vacations, a toy model of a sailboat or a medal from your first 5K, a great quote, or a journal to put down your thoughts on paper- whatever represents your dreams and goals- and never have them further than arm's distance... since they really aren't, anyway.

My cubicle inspiration board:

And yes, I was the only one to paste beyond the edges of my laminated sheet.

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  1. I LOVE IT! I've saved clippings and pics and images for EVER, and I've finally got to put them to use. I was thinking of making cardboard post cards with some of the stuff i've saved...but i like the idea of just putting them all together for inspiration!



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