October 15, 2012

Maximizing A Minimal Wardrobe: Part V, The Closet Diet

I like the way you work it (no diggity)
I got to bag it, bag it up. 

. . .

Two things: 
1. Blackstreet is now stuck in your head. You're welcome, 1996.
2. Those bags/baskets/topless tupperware bins are filled with the things I purged from my closet!
(3... those bags have been sitting in our guest room/office for three weeks. Yes, I've moved all 10 of them back and forth to opposite sides of the room multiple times. They need to go. I know.
 I promise there's some order to the madness: they are actually separated by things that could to go to consignment, to a clothing swap, and those that need to be donated. Also- I already took two bags of consignment to a shop, so I'm making progress. I promise they'll be gone... soon. Or I'll be on the corner selling items out of a truck bed. Unfortunately, I don't own a truck.)
Having a freshly pared-down wardrobe has given me motivation to keep my closet neat and tidy and to be more mindful when I shop. I've passed up several recent finds, even after carrying them around the store for over 45 minutes cradled to my bosom (it's a coping mechanism) because I decided they really weren't the best fit for my current closet or the style I am aiming for, and I walked out empty handed.
That's a seriously satisfying feeling, friends.
You may think I'm nuts. My husband totally thinks I'm nuts.
I know I'm nuts. But it works! It's like a diet for your closet.

But like a healthy diet, you have to allow yourself to enjoy your favorite things in moderation.
Also, practicing this perspective helps to eliminate yucky feelings like guilt or insecurity when you do decide to make a purchase because you know you're not simply caving to temptation, but have put time and thought into it.  If only I could get my husband to understand this. 
So while I was in California, I found a few new things that were in line with my list of Everyday Essential items and that I could easily integrate into my existing closet. I have already worn each of these things a few times and love the versatility they provide when mixing with other items.
Here's what I bought:
1. lightweight slubby crochet sweater 

Absolutely,  Nordstrom Rack

2. brushed cotton button down

Sway Chic boutique, Pasadena CA.     

3. the perfect pair of tall structured riding boots, from mom xoxo

Matisse, DSW

4. navy jersey maxi skirt

Sway Chic boutique   

I am loving having these simple additions to my wardrobe, especially my new beautiful boots! It has literally taken my years to find the right pair at a price I could handle. I knew the second I saw them they were the right ones but I didn't have my DSW coupons with me while traveling (don't laugh) so I decided to wait on them. Literally as I had them on in the store, two women came by and grabbed a pair saying "I love how they look on you so I'm getting them for myself!". I was cracking up, that has never happened to me before. So after I put them back my mom surprised me by buying them for me, since she "never gets to shop with her daughter anymore". Oh mom, I love you.
. . .

Have you started Maximizing your own Minimal Wardrobe yet? What are you waiting for!?
Have you made any progress on your shopping lists? Tell me what you found!
Play on, playette!


  1. This is truly an awesome thing...I am trying, but unfortanetly I don't have as strong of a will power to rid the closet just yet, but the thinking really hard before buying has gotten much better. Thanks for the encouragment!

    1. You are so welcome, Katie!! I'm excited to have you reading along and I'm so glad to hear it's helping you! I hope you will feel inspired to tackle the whole thing soon! :)


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