October 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Rad Dad!

circa before I was born. 

I have never been able to tell which of my parents I resemble more.
 I think I have a pretty even mix of both of them. But I know for sure that my dad passed onto me his sense of humor and ability to cook meals without glancing at a recipe. I would also like to think I inherited his spirit for adventure and business savvy personality... though I wouldn't attempt half the things I've heard he did in his youth and I often let little things keep me from pursuing some bigger ones. 

Regardless, he has always been one of my biggest fans. The proud dad-behind-the-video-camera at soccer games, birthday parties, and graduations. He would stay up late with me handcrafting dioramas for school assignments that could have earned a place in the Smithsonian. He is the reason I love old school rock and roll, making mix-tapes, and driving with the windows down. 

My dad is one of the coolest people I know. He has a way of doing things that is all his own, with an air of "who's going to stop me". In fact, we even call doing something in the way he would "pulling a 'Steve Lowe'"... like going straight for the front of a parking lot or making "long stories short". 

Thanks for being rad, dad. 
I hope you have a very Happy Birthday!

 I wish we were there to celebrate with you. 
Maybe we'd even walk down to Baskin Robbins.
 I'd still get bubblegum ice cream.



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