September 20, 2012

something 'bout suburbia

I came across this lovely work of art in front of an apartment building while walking the dogs the other day.  For all I know, an adult may have made this masterpiece and if you know our neighborhood, it it's not unlikely... but part of me really hopes it had been drawn by little hands on a late summer afternoon. 

Living in the city, particularly near busy streets, there are not many signs of children in the neighborhood. I hadn't given this much thought when we were buying our condo and since we were many years away from starting our own family it wasn't a priority for us. But for some reason, during our first Halloween in our new home, when we didn't get a single trick-or-treater and were stuck with an overflowing bowl of candy (the good stuff, too!) I was really bummed. Most of the people that live around us are young, working professionals who rent and go home for the holidays each year so again, we are usually the only house on the block that hangs lights or decorations- or that pays any actual attention to our property for that matter, but that's another topic. 

After three years, we still love our neighborhood for the same reasons we were drawn to it in the first place- a historic neighborhood within walking distance of some of Denver's best parks, restaurants, events, and nightlife- but part of me longs for a place that feels more like home. We want a yard to let the dogs run around in while we make dinner and chat with friends inside. Dan dreams of a garage where he can take on tasks that don't require our dining table to be out-of-commission for months on end. Heck, I want to hear kids screaming in sprinklers and drawing hardcore hopscotch courses down the sidewalks and I want to order cookie dough and wrapping paper from the comfort of my front porch.

...dare I say it, but we may be wanting to make our way to the ::shudder:: suburbs sooner than we thought. But where? When? How? For how long? 

Obviously, we have zero plans for this as of now. But seeing that sweet little chalk drawing the other day stirred something inside me and made me smile. Even if we're still a few years away from starting our own family, there is a certain comfort that comes from living in a place where others aren't far away.


  1. I relate to the trick-or-treater thing. We live in an actual neighborhood with lots of kids who go elsewhere for trick-or-treat, and having no one ring our doorbell on Halloween is depressing. We're hoping in a few years to move somewhere less...ghetto.

    1. haha! Think it's just nostalgia getting the best of us? Maybe it's a trick-or-treating epidemic, I feel like my parent's said that a few years ago there seemed to be fewer kids in the neighborhood out on Halloween. Sad!


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