September 27, 2012

Maximizing a Minimal Wardrobe: 100 Everyday Essentials

Hmm?  What is that you say?
No sane person would write a four-step series on organizing their closet, complete with visual aids?
Well crazy is as crazy does, and crazy is what we do here at TheDaileyLife!
Locate the nearest exit now. 

I promised a double-post whammy this week if you did your homework  and I am here to delivah!

First, a recap. As of now, here's where things should stand:
1. You understand the benefits of a fabulous and functional wardrobe
2. You have done some decluttering and have taken inventory of your closet conditions.
3. And you have put things in perspective with some magical list making.


Isn't that how you felt when you discovered you had around 229* things crammed into your closet, post de-clutter?
*the number stated is based on my personal issues and is not an accurate reflection of society as a whole.

What if I were to tell you that you could create hundreds of outfits for every occasion, year-round (as in, all four seasons), with less than half that?
Work, play, home, away, even weddings and parties- alluvit!
That's what I'm here for, ladies.

We have been brave, we have been bold, we have embraced our minimalist goals with grace. 
Finally the fruit of our labor:

100 Everyday Essentials
to Maximize a Minimal Wardrobe

basic tops collection

basic tops tunics accessories

basic sweaters and outerwear

basic dresses for every occasion

basic skirts and jeans

basic coats pants belts and bag

basic shoes for every outfit


Obviously, this is a reflection of my personal taste but it can be easily tailored to suit your {life}style. You may not need heavy winter coats or maybe you're not a stripe-lover... simply swap them out! The beauty of this guide is that no matter your specifics, you can still Maximize a Minimal Wardrobe with a fraction of the things you probably already own!

Check back for Dailey Wears posts to see how I am making use of mine!


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