September 06, 2012

Life, lately.

1. Saturday morning farmer's market
2.  Playing in the park
3. Sunday afternoon at our friend's cabin in Evergreen
4. Lazy Monday snuggle sesh

We stayed put for the long Labor Day weekend, taking advantage of quality time with our boys and friends, and lots of good food. Speaking of which, every time I import photos I realize roughly 90% of them are of my husband, our pets, or food. No mystery about my favorite things there.

This week has been pretty quiet. A contractor came Tuesday to finish up the last of our kitchen update -installing wine shelves between some cabinets, fancy! I am in love with our new space, it's a 110% improvement and while it was over three years in the making, I can't believe it's done. (Before & After photos coming soon!) For three years we have been living in a state of constant chaos and transition, tackling project after project, never feeling fully settled. Now that everything is done (minus new baseboards in our half bath), we can't decide if we are more excited to be able to enjoy it or sell it. 
Ultimately, we are prepared to do both as life and timing allow. 

Aiding in our enjoyment is the slow shift starting in the weather, a welcome reminder that fall is right around the corner. We are weaning ourselves off the AC unit next to our bed and morning outings with the dogs require an extra layer (hallelujah!). The afternoons are still way too hot for my taste, but gray clouds creep in midday making it appear deceivingly chilly and coastal outside. Most evenings, Dan and I try to make the most of the cooler air by taking the boys on a long walk through the neighborhood and coveting beautiful homes talking about the future. There are so many unknowns as we think about the next few years - jobs, houses, geographic regions - so any real decisions or plans (which can always change in an instant) feel futile at the moment. But for now, all of the "what ifs" and "how abouts" make for good conversation and give us plenty to look forward to. 

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