September 03, 2012

Fall Reading List

A few days ago I mentioned my recent library rendezvous and how I made out with a small mountain of books that were begging to come home with me. Maybe begged is an exaggeration- you see, I have a tendency to borrow kidnap library books, misplace hold them hostage, and forget  refuse to return them until I have accrued substantial fees and a solid scolding from the librarians. 

But this is a free country and I'll do what I want.

Like read the heck out of these books and renew them as many times as necessary to do so. 

Without further ado,  My Fall Reading List:

Art theft and big city scandals, I'm in!

My mom recently read this so I'm excited to start it!

I didn't see the movie but it seems to be full of all sorts of drama and danger.

A true story about the first person in history to successfully hand-rear newborn elephants. She devoted her entire life to rescuing animals and protesting poaching in Africa. 
My heart could burst at the seams just reading the book jacket.

~Cozy sweaters, chilly air, hot coffee, and good books to drift away with.~

What's on your library list this season?

Happy Reading! 



  1. Great list! I haven't read The Reader yet, but the movie was VERY powerful, and usually the book is better than the movie. Happy reading!

  2. Ooo I'm excited! I'm half way through Chasing Cezanne now, love all the characters! :)


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