August 20, 2012

Stitchy Situation

Today is the first day back to reality... for everyone except me, since my reality (er, employment) is temporarily on hold. My folks left yesterday to head back to California and Dan left for work about an hour ago- but not before leaving juice and yogurt by the bed and bringing me an assortment of meds to choose from. The Dr. prescribed Percocet for me which is similar to Vicodin to manage the pain. It seems to work well but has some lovely side effects, one in particular, which was ultimately the worst part.

I already knew that my body naturally has one rather inconvenient reaction to stress or dramatic changes in diet, which wasn't helped by the anesthesia or pain medication. I started taking some "assistants" on Weds prior to surgery to try and counter the potential side effects, to no avail. By Saturday Dan had to make one more, very specific, trip to the drugstore for a product he first became acquainted with in the urgent care room on the first night back from our honeymoon. (No, I wasn't on Percocet, but I was on an amazing 8-day adventure of all-inclusive-five-star deliciousness). Even in a household where we may as well not have doors on the bathrooms, our honeymoon was our first crash course in boundary-elimination. As the saying goes, "nothing says love like buying your spouse an enema..."

oh, that's not a saying? Awkward.

Aaanyway, it has been a delicate dance between pain management and digestive health but overall I feel pretty good. I do not do well sitting still for long periods of time and had I not spent the week before my surgery cleaning and organizing the house I would have gone nuts. It took my mom and Dan reminding me that I had in fact been cut open and stitched back together for me to stay put, and the fact that just going up or down stairs feels like climbing Everest.

Everyday seems better though and despite my fear of becoming dependent on prescription pills and ending up on the streets, I am at peace with the Percocet and am learning not to push myself too hard to soon. Besides, there is a batch of broth to eat and a dozen reruns of House Hunters International to watch... It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it.

I'm also going to find out what all the hype over the Hunger Games series is, or was... three years ago when they came out. That's how I roll, all the live long day, in my elastic-waisted pants.


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