August 07, 2012

Our Story

She's 19, he's 24. Invited by friends to "college & career" group at church. He shows up late, stands near the back leaning against a wall wearing a UCLA shirt. She is in community college, he has a career. She told her friend she thought he was cute... she introduces herself. 

Still strangers, they start talking on the steps of the Palos Verdes mall. She's eating birthday-cake ice cream, which is still her favorite. They talk about college and careers, their families, pets, traveling, food, and Johnny Cash. Four hours later, she drives home and Ring of Fire comes on the radio. He drove a Pontiac Firebird.

They talk everyday/ Stop talking. Like each other/ Stop liking each other.
Spend a lot of time apart/ As much time as possible together. 

They become really good friends. 

Their first date. In n' Out drive-thru picnic & Knott's Berry Farm. It was a company event. Two other guys had been invited, both conveniently bailed. She lost her phone. He held her hand. They drove home listening to embarassing mix-cds. They drove to a coffee shop, played chess, drove to the beach, talked for hours. He drove her home, walked her to the door, asked if he could take her out again
and kissed her... twice.

They go out on two more dates. They see each other every day.

They have a picnic overlooking Lunada Bay. They see a movie at the Palos Verdes mall. They sit outside on the same steps and he asks her to be his girl. 

He helps her move 1,000 miles away to Boulder, Colorado.
She is homesick. They talk everyday.
He flies in to surprise her twice.

She visits him in CA for their anniversary. They pack a Trader Joe's picnic and go to the Getty Villa. They drive along the coast as it gets cold and cloudy. He insists on ice cream and walking along the sand to "their" bench at the end of the beach. She doubts his planning skills and tells him he should have driven her a** there. 
She marches right past a bottle laying in the sand. He asks her to open it... she thought it was for someone else. He insists she open it.

She reads a poem. He gets on one knee. She turns around.
He asks her to marry him.
She says "yes!!"

He moves to Colorado.

The most amazing day of their lives. 

They buy a 116 year old condo in Denver. 
They spend most weekends and paychecks at HomeDepot.

They take a crash course in reality.
They endure the hardest years of their lives, fail miserably,
 realize they are not as strong as they thought they were.

They renew their vows next to a mountain stream.

They are still best friends.
They are still so different, yet the same.
They are still trying to figure out this thing called daily life.

They are spending fewer and fewer weekends at HomeDepot.



  1. This is awesome Hailey. Its so fun to read your story! Wish we lived closer, but glad I can follow your adventures here. :)

  2. Thank you Haley!! I wish we did too but I am so glad that over years and miles we can still stay in touch! I love following your adventures and sweet family too. Sending love to you!


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