August 08, 2012

A Fresh Start

I hope there isn't some sort of quota for the number of times one can call a "do-over" in life because I must be nearing the limit. 
. . .
So many things have changed over the past few weeks, months, and years that I have been craving a new space both physically and mentally for a creative outlet. I haven't even visited my old blog in weeks- part of me feels so guilty for just letting it sit there, orphaned by its owner's incurable case of restlessness- but I realized that it wasn't a good reflection of me or my life anymore. Unfortunately (but seriously, fortunately...) I now spend the majority of my days working and investing in my business rather than baking biscuits, dreaming up recipes, and hot-gluing everything in sight. At the time, I needed that outlet and that space and it helped me form new friendships and get my blogging feet wet, but I knew I needed a change.
Then, a few weeks ago I was sitting in our guest room/office/craft room/hoarder's habitat, when I had the morbid thought that if I were to die suddenly, this is what would be left for friends and family to remember me by: a dysfunctional space filled with unfinished projects, unused furniture, and unlovely things that have somehow stuck with us during four moves and hundreds of miles... and I felt so guilty.
I told you it was morbid. 
and a little shallow. 
But honestly, we have lived in our house for over three years and due to a combination of ongoing renovations and the fact that we had never truly furnished this space (but had been getting by with awkward thrift-store and second-hand furniture and somewhat pitiful DIY projects) it has never felt like home. We have never felt settled or fully satisfied with the space that we live in and with other aspects of our lives in transition (school, jobs, plans for the future) we have been particularly anxious lately. 
. . .
So I did what any rational person would do... bought furniture online and set to work emptying every drawer, shelf, hanger, closet, box, and tupperware of their contents. About a 1/4 of our belongings were immediately exiled to the donate and dump piles, a 1/4 made its way to our front yard to be pawned off on unsuspecting passerby, and the half that was left was cleaned, folded, stacked, organized and happily settled in its new home- just as we are will be soon enough!
Just this past weekend we primed and painted our kitchen walls (finally up paint samples I sloppily dabbed on our walls in June... of 2009), hung a new light over the sink, stained and hung open shelves, installed a new toilet, hooked up the sink in our half-bath, assembled a dresser, and gave our guest bedding a makeover. I also attempted to ombre-bleach our shower curtain while wearing a macadamia-nut-lemon-honey mask on my face and hair. The latter was the more successful of the two, my complexion is glowing but our shower curtain is now a bizarre faded yellow version of itself.
 Refer to "DIY projects" in paragraph 2.
. . .
 So... I'm on the lookout for a new shower curtain, but it felt so good to be productive and was just the push we needed to regain some momentum and excitement about finishing these projects. In a week ( a week!) we should have new counters installed (goodbye blue formica, hello Silestone!) a new kitchen sink and a shiny new backsplash. We're deferring to the pros on these puppies so we're keeping our finger's crossed it all gets done soon, and well... We have had some very unfortunate, and costly, experiences with bad contractors so for the sake of everyone's sanity- please, please let this be done well!
Straight lines and level surfaces are the way to my husband's heart.

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